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Heidi Sharp

heidi sharp

I qualified in 2001 from the College of Integrated Chinese medicine in Reading with a Lic Ac (licentiate of Acupuncture).I am a member of the British Acupuncture council the largest regulatory body for the practioners of traditional Acupuncture. The BAcC maintains high standards of education,ethics and is bound by a strict professional codes, conducts and safe practice.

I run a clinic in Bridport on a Tuesdays and Fridays using a combined style of 5 element and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) This approach helps to support patients on a physical and emotional level.

For more information on the effectiveness of Acupuncture and which conditions may benefit form treatment please visit the BAcC website www.acupuncture.org.uk.

Initial Consultation:£45.00
Follow Up:£35.00
Concessions available on request


Confidential Counselling at Bridport Therapy



Dr Sue Beckers

I have worked as a GP for over 30 years with my husband. In that time, I have noticed increasing stress, anxiety and depression, overweight and type 2 diabetes in our patients but often without being able to offer truly effective solutions. In response, I have looked for and trained in better approaches to these problems and now I am delighted that I can offer Human Givens Psychological Therapies, Mind Body Eating and a Slow Carb, Healthy Fat, Real Food approach to help these issues, either separately or when they are combined together. These approaches are evidence based in physiological and neuropsychological sciences and I have had the pleasure of seeing them bring people long lasting and sustainable improvements in their mood, health and well-being.

I know that changing food choices can be an initial challenge for people and so, in addition to this counselling and coaching, I can offer a 5 minute breathing test on an ECAL indirect calorimeter, while reclining. This can assess resting metabolism and ability to burn fat as a fuel when fasted. The results are available immediately and can help people to understand how their own bodies are using their food; whether they are at risk of diabetes; and how their new choices with food are helping to reverse that risk and give them back their energy and sense of well-being.

Where anxiety, stress, depression and past traumas are holding people back, the Human Givens approach is effective and empowering in a relatively small number of sessions. The Rewind technique is especially helpful with past traumas. Please see the Human Givens website for more information on this life changing approach to mental wellness:


The fee for a 60 min session is £50. Sessions are at 9, 10.30 and 12.00 on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Please book at reception on 01308 459996 or email me on balanceofbodyfood@gmail.com for more information.

Dr Sue Beckers MB BS Msc MRCGP PGDipAll MPHGI

The Good Mood and Food Clinic
The Charmouth Practice
01297 560872
Twist and Shout Osteopathic Health Centre, Bridport.
01308 459996

Chiropody / Podiatry

Giles Heaman BSc.(Hons)Podiatry, MChS, HPC Reg

Chiropody / Podiatry is a field of healthcare devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and sometimes further up the lower limb

The feet take an enormous amount of stress and strain on a daily basis but are often badly neglected. An average adult takes 4000-6000 steps a day and our feet carry us the equivalent of five times round the Earth in an average lifetime.

Many problems that occur with the feet can be avoided by following the advice of a registered Chiropodist / Podiatrist and partaking in a routine, daily footcare regime. It is particularly important for Diabetics to take good care of their feet as they are at increased risk of foot disorders. Diabetics should have a check up with a Registered Chiropodist / Podiatrist at least once per year.

Some problems that people encounter with their feet are inherited, some are down to the wear and tear of ageing, some are due to medical conditions, and some are caused by ill-fitting footware. A few of the common problems are: Corns, callus, ingrowing toenails, athletes foot, chilblains, verrucae, bunions / toe deformities, excessively dry / sweaty feet. Many of these conditions cause ongoing discomfort that may be alleviated with simple treatment and / or advice

For a great many people basic hygiene and nail cutting is all they need to keep their feet healthy but when normal feet turn into problem feet it’s best to seek the professional help of a Registered Chiropodist /Podiatrist

Initial Consultation:£25
Follow Up:£25

There may be a charge for requests for letters and completion of forms. In compliance with the regulations of the general osteopathic council we have a comprehensive complaint procedure available on request.

Whilst we endeavour to always treat efficiently, some conditions do require more than just one visit. In an attempt to maintain a flexible approach to management, it is requested that patients contact the clinic about two/three days after treatment for a progress report in order for an individual treatment plan to be formulated for each person.

If there are any questions regarding the above or you would like to just chat about the relevance of osteopathy please feel free to ring us during the phone-in time between 9am - 10am on 01308 459 996 or 01308 427 033

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Initial Consultation:£55
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